The Arms of Dayspring Ministry

The Evangelical:

This is the core of our Ministry. Taking the word to the World through personal involvement as Jesus commanded us in Mark 16:15-16 to go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature (i.e to:Children, Men, Women, Youth, Prisoners, every creature everywhere).

This commandment has been the force that has been propelling us into action and this we shall continue to do till the day of His return.

The Care Ministry:

Caring and Ministering to the Elders in the Community. We Visit and share the word and love of Christ with the elders – men and women whether they live at home or in assisted living facilities. Reaching out to them has been a thing of joy to our hearts!

The Care For the Orphans:

The Care For The Orphans and sharing the love of Christ with God’s precious children and their caregivers is something we love to do on the Mission Field. Not only do we preach the word of God, we reach out to them in materials that are needful for the body as Jesus commanded. (J ames 2: 15-16)

The Feeding Program:

The Bible says: Everywhere Jesus went, He was doing good (Acts 10:38). Jesus fed the Multitudes on two separate occasions (Mark 6:31-44, Matt. 14:13-21). In each of these miracle feeding, Jesus fed 5,000 and 4,000 when the people were hungry. We also do like when Children come to listen to the word of God, we do not send them away hungry but feed thousands and thousands of them on a daily basis the physical food after they have been fed with the word of God. To God be the glory!

The Prison Ministry:

For over 16 years now, (even before Dayspring Missions was birthed) the jail and prison ministries have been one area the Lord has used us tremendously in winning souls to His Kingdom. We thank God that from April 2003 till present, thousands of souls have been won to the kingdom of God. What a joy it brings to the heart – when sometimes at a Gas Station, in Shopping malls, restaurants, in Churches, someone taps you on the back and tells you – “I know you, God used you to change my life, You led me to Christ while I was at the j ail, I am now a saved and born again Christian” To Him alone be the glory!

The Education Ministry:

Next to winning souls for the Kingdom of God, education is one area we show God’s love for His Children. The Bible says in the book of Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of Knowledge”. Illiteracy is a serious disease and without education a life is in total darkness. It is a life without form, and without illumination and such life is totally undesirable. This Ministry believes so much in education, that is why we are trying our best to help wipe out as much as we can this serious disease of illiteracy, and with the help from God, we took a giant step of Faith to help build a school in a community in Malawi where there is no school.


Hygiene Education:

Hygiene Education: We added this to our Mission’s itinerary by partnering with the ‘Days for Girls International”. It was this Organization that brought the plight of young  teenage girls who have no access to Hygiene products for their monthly menstrual cycle to limelight. They came up with the washable sanitary wares for the girls. Since the advent of this wonderful product (in a Kit), life has changed dramatically for majority of these teenage girls in rural areas, as they no longer have to miss 7 days of school every month like before.


On the Mission Field, we educate the girls on the need for proper hygiene and also distribute the DFG sanitary kits to them.


The joy this wonderful product brings to the heart of every beneficiary teenage girl is better imagined! It has been such an honor and privilege to minister both to the young and the old in various places listed above – from the rural areas of Argentina (have been there over and over again), to Haiti, Malawi and other nations. I have enjoyed the privilege the Lord has given to meet and share the Love of Jesus with various indigenous Pastors, Wives of Pastors through organized conferences, men, women and God’s precious children in all these nations.


What a joy! What an honor and what a privilege to serve!. We return all the glory to our Heavenly Fathe