Why Special Focus On Children?

We are often asked — Why does the Dayspring Missions of Hope focus on Children ?

Many reasons : Before we delve into the reasons, we must state that we actually reach out to men, women, adolescents, inmates and elders organizing conferences at all times for each of these groups, However, our special focus is on Children and the reasons are not far fetched :


As we all know – all over the world, children are the same whether they are yellow, brown, white or black. They are mostly helpless, speechless – that is, without a voice of their own especially those in developing Countries. This is where our Mission begins.


        • To advocate for those who can not speak for themselves – to give them voice through education.
        • To draw others to their plight
        • Most importantly, to discipte them at the young age with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the solid foundation we can build for them to live on. This is why on the Mission field, we go from school to school sharing the word of God with them and presenting Jesus as the solution to the diverse problems of our world today and the Bible as the inspired word of God.
        • Because the Children we disciple today will one day become adults who will in turn pick up the Bible and preach the word of God to others a bringing countless souls to the Kingdom of God, the need to catch them young. SOMEONE MAY ASK — PREACHING TO LITTLE CHILDREN, lS lT WORTH ALL THE ENERGY, THE EFFORTS, THE TIME AND THE COST – AFTER ALL, WHAT DO THEY KNOW, AND WHAT CAN THEY REMEMBER ?



Wrong!!! Nothing can be farther from the truth than a statement that undermines the capability and the knowledge of children. We believe children are a valuable resource. Children are teachable and open. They have a tremendous influence on their parents, families, churches and communities


Many of the children we see in these photos here, when asked, would tell us everything about what we taught them the previous year and would remember vividly the songs we sang and the message shared with them. This is so heartwarming and it gives us the
encouragement to continue.


        • We believe that the most loving thing to do that is so pleasing to God is to introduce children to Jesus in line with the Biblical truth in Proverbs 22:6 – that says — “Train up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

        • As we instill the word of God in them, they grow in grace to become responsible fulfilled adults who will one day : * Be filled with the love and compassion of Christ * Love the Church as Jesus did. * Be the hand and feet of Jesus going about doing good.